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In 2019, media reports began to appear about people, especially young people, being hospitalized with serious lung disease caused by vaping. Several people nationwide have died from this lung disease. While the cause of this illness is still under investigation by National Jewish Health and many other research organizations, it is not yet fully understood. While many of the cases seemed to be related to Vitamin E in vaping liquids, some people became ill for unknown reasons. The CDC recommends:

  • • Consider not using an e-cigarette or vaping products.
  • • If you recently used an e-cigarette or vaping product and have respiratory symptoms, see a health care provider.
  • • Do not buy e-cigarettes or vaping products off the street, and do not add any substances to vaping products.
  • • Youth and young adults should not use these products.
  • • Women who are pregnant should not use these products.

Young people (under age 18) who want to stop vaping, can enroll in the My Life, My Quit™ program online or by calling 855.891.9989. Adults (age 18 or older) can call 1-800-QUITNOW (1.800.784.8669).

Additional Tips
Did you know nicotine is a dangerous poison? Or that people have been seriously injured or killed by exploding vape parts? If you decide to vape, follow these tips:

  • • Don't splash any refill liquid on you or leave an open bottle unattended.
  • • Don't mess with the battery or other parts. Batteries can explode!
  • • Replace the battery if it gets wet and follow all instructions about charging.
  • • Keep your device away from extreme temperatures — like parked cars in the summer heat.


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