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Our brain has natural chemicals that help regulate our mood and body. Nicotine pretends to be one of these chemicals by fitting into our brain receptors, like a key fitting into a lock. When nicotine fits into these receptors, the brain unlocks a chemical called dopamine that makes you feel good. This is what starts the cycle of craving more.

Nicotine leaves you stressed out.

Vaping to handle stress does not work because nicotine actually makes you MORE stressed! When you stop using nicotine, that “feel-good” dopamine stops flowing leaving you stressed and cranky. The more nicotine you put into your brain, the more hooked you become.

Nicotine causes other problems.

When you use nicotine as a teen, your brain develops around needing it. This can cause problems with learning, memory, paying attention and managing your mood later in life. It also can make you more likely to get hooked on another drug.


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